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 Electrical Engineer (Code: EE A7)



Electrical Engineering

Full time



Electrical Engineer (Code: EE A7)

  1. Department : Engineering
  2. Superior/User : Engineering Leader
  3. Subordinate : -
  4. Education : Degree (S1) or Diploma (D-3) in electrical engineering
  5. Work Experience : The Electrical Engineer shall have had prior working experience in Engineering and/or Maintenance Department in providing electrical engineering services with at least four (4) years or equivalent experience and possess the skills to deliver key tasks as mentioned below in the field of thermal power plant with minimum capacity 100 MW.
  6. Position Overview :  The Electrical Engineer supports the Engineering Leader in developing the Plant Equipment Criticality assessment for electrical equipment as the plant systems and technical specialist support personnel.  They develop procedures to ensure the long-term plant health through the prudent functionality of the Engineering D
  7. Key tasks and responsibilities include:
    • Participating in the team of plant engineers, in supporting the programme in pursuit of plant long-term welfare.
    • Development and generation of necessary procedures covering plant engineering and change management aspects.
    • Writing of plant change scheme specifications, while ensuring the application of effective codes and standards.
    • Executing, monitoring and controlling CM, PM and PdM maintenance items based on plant criticality, in terms of minimizing down time, by proposing effective maintenance tasks.
    • Support of the Maintenance team members in resolving technical deviations and investigating and developing the reports of any incidences.
    • Support with the technical evaluations of tender submissions.
    • Assisting with the development of feasibility studies including return on investment, and cost-benefit analysis.
    • Administration of Computerized Maintenance Management System (MAXIMO).
    • Provide training to Maintenance group members on the proper use of CMMS, and
    • Providing plant monitoring and evaluation support of life-cycle evaluation and surveillance services.


  1. Please send the complete CV with a detailed work experience description (working area, equipment specifications, and training if any) in the following format:
    1. Fill email subject according to position name & subject code (eg. C&I Engineer CIE A7)
    2. Describe your profile and experiences in email body
    3. Attach your CV in PDF & English format with following title:

Full Name_CV_Applied Position’s Code (Rohmat Yunianto_CV_C&I Engineer)

  1. Please send before April, 13th, 2021. at


*Please be note that this selection process does not charge anything. Beware of fraud.